Novo Coffee: Background, Products, Services and Review

Novo Coffee, a renowned coffee business in Colorado, USA, is an acclaimed leader in the specialty coffee industry. The company was founded by Jake Brodsky and his father, Herb Brodsky, who have dedicated their lives to understanding and appreciating the complexities of coffee cultivation.

Novo Coffee's expertise lies in its comprehensive approach to the art of coffee making - from sourcing beans directly from farmers worldwide to roasting them meticulously at their Denver-based facility. Their commitment to quality has earned them several accolades, including being featured as one of America’s best espresso bars by Food & Wine magazine.

The company places great emphasis on sustainable practices and fair trade relationships with growers, which has led them to acquire certifications such as Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade Certified. Novo Coffee also takes pride in the numerous awards for its exceptional products; they were awarded 'Best Locally Roasted Beans' by Westword Magazine multiple times.

Novo Coffee excels domestically and enjoys an international reputation, having been featured extensively across various media outlets like The New York Times, Barista Magazine, and Forbes. They have even collaborated with other well-known businesses, such as Whole Foods Market, where they supply premium roast coffees nationwide.

In summary, Novo Coffee's excellence stems from its superior product offerings and a deep-rooted commitment to ethical practices that respect both the people involved and nature.

Novo Coffee‘s Products and Services

  • Specialty Coffee. Novo Coffee is known worldwide for its specialty coffee beans.
  • Espresso Drinks. They offer a variety of espresso-based drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.
  • Cold Brews. Novo Coffee also offers cold brews, which are popular among customers, especially during summer.
  • Brewing Equipment. Besides coffee beverages, they sell brewing equipment like French presses and pour-over sets to help customers make their perfect cup at home.
  • Barista Training Services. Novo Coffee provides barista training services where individuals can learn about coffee-making techniques and latte art.
  • Wholesale Program. The company has a wholesale program that supplies freshly roasted beans to cafes, restaurants, offices, etc., across Colorado and beyond.
  • Online Shop. Customers can buy their favorite blends online through the company's website, which ships nationwide in the USA.
  • Tasting Events and Workshops. They host tasting events and workshops where participants can learn more about various aspects of coffee. from bean selection to brewing methods.
  • Gift Cards and Merchandise. Besides all these products/services, they offer gift cards, which make for a perfect present for any occasion, along with branded merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, etc.
  • Catering Services. The firm provides catering services for special occasions or corporate events.

What Sets Novo Coffee Apart

Novo Coffee has gained significant popularity due to several factors.

Firstly, their commitment to quality is evident in their sourcing only the finest coffee beans from various parts of the world and roasting them on-site for optimal freshness. Secondly, they have developed a strong brand identity by emphasizing ethical trade practices and building direct relationships with farmers.

Thirdly, Novo's immersive coffee experience - including tastings and educational events - fosters customer engagement and loyalty. Lastly, their dedication to sustainability resonates well with today's conscious consumers, making them a preferred choice among local patrons and visitors.