ReAnimator Coffee: Background, Products, Services and Review

ReAnimator Coffee, located in Pennsylvania, USA, is a renowned business entity that has made significant strides in the coffee industry. It was established by Mark Corpus and Mark Capriotti, who both hold degrees in Business Administration and have extensive expertise in specialty coffee production. ReAnimator Coffee's primary focus is sourcing quality coffee beans worldwide and roasting them to perfection, highlighting unique flavor profiles.

The company’s dedication to quality has earned it several awards, including being named one of America’s Best Coffee Shops by Thrillist. They are also certified in Fair Trade, ensuring their commitment to sustainable practices and equitable trade relationships.

Besides these recognitions, ReAnimator Coffee has been featured prominently across various media platforms for its innovative approach to coffee production. This includes notable mentions in publications such as Philadelphia Magazine and

With its state-of-the-art facilities throughout Pennsylvania - Kensington, Fishtown & Logan Square - ReAnimator Coffee continues to push boundaries while maintaining a solid commitment to producing exceptional quality coffees for consumers worldwide.

ReAnimator Coffee‘s Products and Services

  • Coffee Beans. ReAnimator Coffee offers a variety of coffee beans sourced from different regions around the world, including Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.
  • Brewed Coffee. They provide freshly brewed coffee to customers in their cafes. Customers can choose various brewing methods, such as pour-over, espresso-based drinks, or cold brew.
  • Subscription Service. This service allows customers to receive freshly roasted coffee beans delivered to their door regularly.
  • Wholesale Program. ReAnimator Coffee provides wholesale services for businesses that want to serve their coffee in restaurants, offices, or other locations.
  • Barista Training. They offer training programs for individuals who wish to learn about making high-quality specialty coffee.
  • Merchandise. The company also sells merchandise related to its brand, such as mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags.
  • Online Shopping Platform. An e-commerce platform where consumers can purchase their preferred type of roast and have it shipped directly to them.
  • Brewing Equipment Sales and Advice. In addition to selling its products, ReAnimator also sells brewing equipment like grinders and filters while providing advice on how best to use these tools at home.
  • Their cafes also offer baked goods and snacks that pair well with the beverages they sell.

What Sets ReAnimator Coffee Apart

ReAnimator Coffee has gained popularity due to its commitment to sourcing and roasting high-quality specialty coffee.

The business distinguishes itself through a meticulous focus on every step of the coffee process - from sourcing beans directly from farmers and ensuring fair trade practices to carefully roasting the beans in small batches for optimal flavor. Furthermore, ReAnimator Coffee's approachable and knowledgeable staff enhances the customer experience by educating them about different types of coffee and brewing methods.

Additionally, their modern yet cozy cafes provide an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer. This amalgamation of quality products, ethical practices, and superior service contributes significantly to ReAnimator Coffee's popularity.